Optical Service / Retail

Optical Service / Retail

Welcome to Grand & Straits Optical! Experience the full optical services at our retail outlets!



Our eye care practitioners take pride in helping you select an eye glass that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Eye testing

Correcting the shape and details of the things you see in just 10-15 minutes.

Optical measurements

We ensure precision and accuracy in each and every pair of glasses we make.

Behind the scenes

Give us 20 minutes to get busy inside our edging lab!

Glasses ready 20 minutes later

Our retail shops are all equipped with a in-house edging lab. This makes fast glasses processing possible with us! (*case to case basis)

Right frame fit

The last step of frame adjustment is extremely crucial to ensure comfort, ease of wearing and good vision. We make sure that your glasses fit securely on the bridge of the nose, doesn't press into your face and stays in place when you move your head.

We aim to give you a great optical experience!

Getting a pair of contact lens

New to Contact lens

Unsure of what type and modality best suits your eye and lifestyle? Our qualified optometrists are here to help answer your enquiries and give advice.

Thorough eye examination and fitting 

Contact lenses are devices that need to be properly fitted by a well trained optometrists and contact lens practice opticians. We make sure your eyes are healthy for contact lens wear and choose the right contact lens fit for the curvature of your eyes. http://www.hsa.gov.sg/content/hsa/en/Health_Products_Regulation/Medical_Devices/Medical_Devices_Advisories/Contact_Lenses_Care.html

Educating on the Do's and Dont's 

Building confidence in insertion and removal of contact lens, and teaching the best practices for healthy contact lens wear.

Chop-chop-Contacts (CCC)

Sign up for an account with us today to “chop-chop” get your contacts! Convenience and purchasing ease guaranteed. Read more about CCC.

Color blindness Consultation

Color blindness

Red-green color blindness is the most common form of color blindness. Males are affected more often than females because the gene is located on the X chromosome.
The special colored spectacle lenses or contact lenses work by changing the wavelength of the color going into one or both eyes. 
This improves general color perception and color discrimination.

Grand & Straits Optical is one of the licensed practitioners for color blindness lens. Contact us to find out more.