Optical Services

Planning to get a new pair of glasses or looking to switch to contact lenses?

Grand & Straits Optical offers an array of high-quality glasses, contact lenses, and special-colored glasses for colorblindness.

Each person has different needs and specific preferences for their eyewear. We understand that. This is why we at Grand & Straits Optical cater to all your optical needs with utmost care.

From expert guidance, and an extensive range of quality glasses and customisable contact lens options, we offer it all. Explore our services and opt for the best optical solutions for yourself!

Frame Selection

Whether you are buying your first pair of eyeglasses or upgrading to new ones, we will help you find that eyeglasses that complements your style and personality!

Try out every classic or trending style from top local and international brands from our unique collections.

Each frame promises quality, durability, comfort, and of course, ups your style game!

Our experts will assist you in selecting the perfect frame according to your face shape, preference, and style.

Glasses made cooler and more comfortable than ever before!

Eye Testing

The next step in getting your pair of glasses is the Eye test by our Optometrists & Opticians.

The thorough eye prescription assessment is necessary to ensure you see clearly and comfortably.

Optical Measurements

Precision is vital when it comes to preparing your glasses.

We make sure your pair is customized exactly to your eye measurements for your optimal vision comfort.

Behind The Scenes

Getting busy inside our edging lab!

Equipped with state-of-the-art edging tech, our lab specialist starts assembling the glasses as soon as your measurements are completed.

Glasses Ready 20 Minutes Later

That’s right, 20/20 Vision in just 20 minutes!

Right Frame Fit

Now, all that’s left is you trying out your brand-new glasses!

Make sure you feel comfortable, the frame isn’t loose, and you can perfectly clearly.

We'll be more than happy to make any last-minute adjustments if you feel the need.

Plus, if you want to get any adjustments or repairs done a few months later, we’re always here to serve you!

New to Contact Lens

If you’re switching from glasses to contact lenses, you need the right team to seamlessly and safely guide you on the change.

From type to modality and more, our experienced Optometrists are here to advice and answer any queries you may have.


Contact lenses are medical devices that needs to be properly fitted by a well-trained Optometrists.

A comprehensive eye examination to determine eye health, prescription, as well as eye curvature will be carried out.


Navigating the world of contact lens all on your own may seem a little difficult.

We'll equip you with the education and knowledge of contact lens and give you tried and tested tips for wearing them with ease.

Color blindness

Having difficulties telling the differences between certain colors?

Color blindness affects around 4 – 8% of the Singapore population, and the most common type of color blindness is Red-green color deficiency.

In most cases, color blindness is inherited. The gene for color blindness is found in the X chromosome, and the Males get the condition more commonly than Females.

Grand & Straits Optical offer special-colored glasses and contact lens (with/without prescription) that alter the wavelength of light entering your eyes, improving your perception of color and enhancing your color vision significantly.

Grand & Straits Optical is one of the licensed practitioners for color blindness lens. Contact us to find out more.