Spectacle Lens

One’s vision may change as we mature, But that should not get in the way of how we live!

Presbyopia is a gradual and natural condition within the eye that reduces its ability to focus at near.

This is usually noticeable around your 40s, where you have to hold your smartphone further to see more clearly, and near tasks become less comfortable and more tiring.

Grand & Straits Optical specializes in a comprehensive range of Myopia management options including Myopia control spectacle lenses, and MiSight 1 Day Soft Contact lens.

Myopilux by Essilor
Stellest by Essilor
MyoKids by Carl Zeiss

MiSight 1 Day Soft Contact lens by CooperVision

  • Daily disposable soft contact lens
  • Easy adaption, Immediate comfort & clarity upon insertion

Myopia in Singapore

Myopia (Short-sightedness) is a vision condition whereby near objects look clear but far objects are blurry.

The increasing prevalence of myopia is a worrying trend and remains one of the biggest public health challenges in Singapore.

Myopia, especially high myopia, have a higher risk of sight-threatening eye conditions such as Retinal tears/detachment, Myopic macular degeneration, Glaucoma and Cataracts.

Keep Myopia in check the right way

Early intervention is key!

Our Myopia management Spectacle lenses are specially designed for young wearers between the ages of 6 and 12. They are proven to be safe, simple to use and effective.

These lenses not only correct myopia but controls myopia progression and eye elongation.

You may find out more about the different myopia control options and technology designs in stores.