Spectacle Lens

One’s vision may change as we mature, But that should not get in the way of how we live!

Presbyopia is a gradual and natural condition within the eye that reduces its ability to focus at near.

This is usually noticeable around your 40s, where you have to hold your smartphone further to see more clearly, and near tasks become less comfortable and more tiring.

1 Eyewear with 3 Viewing Distances

Progressive lenses offer Optimum vision clarity for All Distances – Far, Intermediate and Near zones.

The prescription changes gradually from the top part of lens to the lower part. The top part of lens allowing Far vision; in the middle, Intermediate vision; and at the lower part, Near vision.

A wonderful, convenient and effective solution to presbyopia.

Everything you should know

  • Line-free, Seamless look
  • Plastic material is the popular choice, due to its light weight and high breaking resistance.
  • Suitable for High Degrees and Astigmatism. Available up to 1.74 Hi-index.
  • Yes, you heard of stories about adapting to a Progressive lens (E.g. Floating effect, Dizziness)
  • Short adaptation period is common, after all it is your first time using them. Be patient with yourself and you will soon see the wonders and convenience of this lens!
  • Opt for Better Lens design to have Wider field, Minimal Distortion.
  • Able to include Blue-light and Transition

One-stop Progressive Lens Experience

Our experienced professionals are here to help you and make perfect your Progressive journey.

Each person is different. We have different visual needs and lifestyle.

We understand that and we take pride to recommend the best-suited Progressive lens for all our customers. Together with our trusted Lens partners Carl Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor and others, Grand & Straits Optical offers an extensive range of Progressive Lens to suit all visual needs and is committed to give the best to our customers.